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Welcome to Naturarte

The place where Nature Meets The Good Life

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Covid-19 Measures

We are happy to inform that we were given the “Clean and Safe” certification from the Portuguese authorities! We are ready to receive you in a safe environment.

The safety of our guests and staff is a top priority at Naturarte. Therefore, we changed our operations, and all staff received additional training in order to comply with the strict guidelines of “Clean and Safe” certification.

We were the Portuguese region least affected by Covid-19, possibly due to the very low population density. And we want to keep Covid-19 away from our region.

Full information about our new operations to prevent Covid-19 transmission, and about the “Clean and Safe” certification are available upon request.

If you have additional questions, we are happy to assist you.

#Nature #Art

Earth & Water

Embedded in the Natural Park of Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, Naturarte is divided in two different locations: Naturarte Campo (countryside) and Naturarte Rio (river).

Having Vila Nova de Milfontes’ town and São Luís village nearby allows our Guests to combine activities in raw nature with leisure, art and culture. As our Guest you can explore one location only or combine the different environments and experiences of both.

Enjoy Alentejo’s beauties at Naturarte.

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Great Escape Moments

If you are a romantic and you are and planning a two-nights getaway in South-West Alentejo’s Coast; if you want to discover that ideal place to rest for some days with your family, friends or colleagues; or if you would like to ride for a few days, Naturarte can offer you Great Escape Moments which are experiences in a whole new dimension of leisure.

Offer yourself and your loved one memories of a lifetime.

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#HorsebackRiding #HorsebackLessons

Pure Horse Riding Experiences

We love to share our accurate knowledge of Lusitano, also known as Pure Blood Lusitano, a Portuguese horse breed. We are always delighted to take our Guests out on horseback riding tours. These tours take us through the most exclusive and beautiful places of raw nature’s Vicentina Coast.
At our Boutique Hotel you also have the opportunity to learn to ride a horse from the basics to the most advanced level of riding.

Each week we promote an equestrian demonstration in our arena near the pool. We also organize workshops for groups combining themes like leadership or communication and the skills from this extraordinary traditional discipline.

Our passion for this legendary equestrian art moves us.

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Fantastic Guides, Amazing Tours, Beautiful Alentejo

#GastronomicFlavours #CocktailDelights

& Cocktail Delights

We believe that creativity is fundamental not only in art but also in taste and delight. At our Boutique Hotel we like to provide our Guests the best products this region has to offer. We use them to combine traditional and contemporary ingredients and techniques. Above all we love to merge authentic flavors from the very hand-picked purest organic products hand-picked from Nature, with recipes inherited from our traditions and bring them all to the table… for your joy!

We are keen to preserve Alentejo's customs, the traditions of the land and the cycles of Nature.

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#Charger #Tesla #ElectricCar

Green Energy
for all

Just like you, now your vehicle can also recharge batteries at Naturarte: Tesla or any other electric car. Our Boutique Hotel has private electric chargers. This way your vehicle is always prepared to explore the best of Alentejo’s Coast: Vila Nova de Milfontes; São Luís; Porto Covo; Odemira; Cercal; Monchique; Aljezur; Odeceixe; Zambujeira do Mar, all you can imagine and much much more.

We deliver clean energy to help you protect the environment.

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Southwest Alentejo's Beauties

We love to be close to the most important spots. Near the beaches, the river, the countryside and at the same time close to Alentejo’s small towns and villages. Want an example? Vila Nova de Milfontes is a small town with a long history and a vibrant social life. Being so close to everything puts our Guests in the right mindset, a state of mind where time seems to stop and facilitates the discovery of the place where Nature Meets the Good Life.

Close to everything but far away from worries.

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Vila Nova de Milfontes town, beach, river & more to discover.​​

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